What do they wear now?

Let’s take a peek into the wardrobes of the BSC girls! (Click on their names to see their wardrobes)

Kristy still wears comfortable and practical clothes, but she cares a bit more about what she’s wearing. She ditched the turtlenecks, and likes comfy sweaters, tees, tank tops and Converses shoes. She doesn’t really like handbags and much prefers her backpack, to keep her hands free. She mostly wears red and navy blue.

Claudia still wears original outfits, but calmed down a bit and wears more matching colors. No more pairing red and purple, with a bit of neon green! She finds great stuff in thrift shops. She loves big patterns and bright colors. She has plenty of vintage bags and jewelry. She likes big necklaces, dangly earrings, cocktail rings, wild shoes and hats.

Mary Anne’s style is very classic. She likes belted skirts, blouses, kitten heels and black and white. She still wears her mother’s pearl necklace, and she loves her Chanel handbag. However, she likes to spice her outfits up a bit (just a little bit) with some details: some pattern, a cute bag, jewelry, etc. She also likes yellow and navy blue. Her style inspirations are Audrey Hepburn, Audrey Tautou, Zooey Deschanel and Alexis Bledel.

Stacey is always overdressed. I think it’s all those years where all her friends were just “OMG She’s so sophisticated, she from NYC, you guys!!!”. It got stuck in her mind and now she thinks she has to live up to that reputation, without realizing it’s a bit too much. She likes berets, pencil skirts, fitted tops and dresses, metallics and shiny things (bling bling!). She likes black and blue and pairs it with silver or gold, or animal print. She almost always wears stilettos. She likes to wear designer clothes, and is spoiled by her guilt-tripped workaholic father who always accept to lend her his credit card.

Dawn likes tunics, belted shirts, worn out bell bottom jeans, Birkenstock sandals and charms bracelets. She mostly wears neutral colors, but always have a bit of bright color, often orange: her bag, jewelry, etc. She always try to have vegan accessories: the only leather things she owns were found in thrift shops, she gives them a second life.

Mallory turned out to be even more stylish than Stacey, simply because she’s not overdoing it, and she enjoys pretty things. As a young girl, she is fascinated by Stacey’s and Claudia’s styles, but they are the only fashionistas she knows. Growing up (and going to boarding school), she met more stylish people, and discovered that you don’t need to go overboard with fashion. She likes cardigans and high-waisted skirts, and she mostly wears oxford shoes or loafers. She adores wearing green, which goes perfectly with her hair. She’s always carrying a notebook and a pen in her bag (often a leather messenger bag), for stories ideas. She likes jewelry with a reference to literature, or vintage pieces.

Jessi likes comfy but still stylish clothes. She likes flared jeans better than skinny ones. She’s always wearing flats, partly because she’s very tall. She carries a tote bag with her ballet stuff in it, to be ready to dance/exercise anywhere. She loves purple, and it goes wonderfully with her complexion. She also like teal and fuschia.

Abby kept her sporty style, but updated it a bit by wearing more feminine or flattering items. She loves red, and always carry a tote bag with some sports items in it – a ball, soccer shoes, etc. She doesn’t wear much jewelry – too much trouble for sports – but likes pretty watches. She loves funny or music-related t-shits.

Shannon never really got rid of her “school uniform looks”. She likes blazers, pleated skirts and leather accessories. She finds it very comfortable and good looking. She wears conservative, but flattering clothes. She wears really cute jewelry which spice her outfits up a bit. Her favorite colors are blue and red, paired with white, which often lead her to a nautical look. Her favorite city is Paris, and she likes France-themed accessories.

Edit: Added outfit pictures.


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2 Responses to What do they wear now?

  1. Jordyn says:


    Especially Mary-Anne, Mallory, & Kristy’s styles. And I’m not a fashion type of girl AT ALL.

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