Etsy Sunday – Stacey’s Picks

Are you ready for some dibbly sophisticated NYC fashion? Stacey found the most amazing stuff on Etsy, for a Girls Night Out you’ll never forget! (I strongly recommend you put on some shades, here, cause this is serious bling!)

Oh, and Happy Halloween to all of you! Hope the following items will help you dress like a diva – or your favorite baby-sitter!

Gold Rhinestone Ring Suede Lace Cutout Heels
Black Party Mini Dress Blue Glittery Glam Stilettos
Red and Black Faux Fur Coat Gold Glitter Pumps
Louboutin Knee-High Stiletto Boots Vintage Rich Gold Dress
Metallic Pumps Gold Disco Heels


About Poire Gourmande

History student, graphic designer, fashion blogger and YA literature addict. Likes Harry Potter, the Baby-Sitters Club and Beverly Hills 90210
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