Etsy Sunday : Kristy’s Picks

She doesn’t like shopping, but she kindly accepted to take a look at Etsy to share with us some pieces she would wear.

Vintage Adidas Black and White Sneakers Vintage Dark Blue Keds

Vintage Red and Black Lumberjack Coat Vintage 80s Sneakers
Vintage Puffy Ski Jacket Vintage Athletic Jacket
Red Cargo Jacket Blue Cabled Knit Sweater
Simple Red T-Shirt Cognac Bomber Leather Jacket


About Poire Gourmande

History student, graphic designer, fashion blogger and YA literature addict. Likes Harry Potter, the Baby-Sitters Club and Beverly Hills 90210
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2 Responses to Etsy Sunday : Kristy’s Picks

  1. Phi says:

    These are SOO Kristy… and I think our 2010 fearless leader would, daresay, looking incredibly cool even if she wore chunky knit turtlenecks with skinny jeans and a leather jacket.

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