Rainbow Girls – Date Night

Blue - Date Night

Blue – Date Night

Blue has been asked out by a gorgeous black haired girl who came to get her on her Harley. They went for drinks in a punk bar and finished the night dancing to techno music in an after-hours.

Green - Date Night

Green – Date Night

Green met an handsome man at her last girls night out at the jazz lounge. He asked her to see her the next night, and they had a great dinner and then he handed her two tickets. He brought her to see her favourite jazz singer in a really intimate venue.

Yellow - Date Night

Yellow – Date Night

Yellow was asked out by a fellow with a bright smile and a child’s heart. They went for a walk in the park and spent the night watching public entertainers and eating candy floss, holding hands. He walked her home as the sun was rising, with a kiss on the cheek and a “See you tomorrow!”.

Red - Date Night

Red – Date Night

Red has finally been asked out by one of the regulars at her library, after exchanging smiles for two weeks. They drank red wine while listening to some crooner, and she longed all night to be asked to dance, and went to bed, feeling empty inside, when he didn’t asked her. She doesn’t know that next time he’ll come to the library, it will be with flowers and an invitation to the ball.

Purple - Date Night

Purple – Date Night

Purple was asked by a guy she met at one of the events she organized. They went to a fancy restaurant and ordered every dessert on the menu because they were unable to chose. They spent the rest of the night in a rockabilly club where they had swing dancing lessons for free.

Pink - Date Night

Pink – Date Night

Pink was asked out by a guy she met in her favourite cupcake shop. It was the first time someone didn’t asked her out because of her money, and she didn’t plan to tell him just yet. They went bowling and playing pool, which she excels at, even though she was ridiculously overdressed.

Orange - Date Night

Orange – Date Night

Orange asked out one of her museum shop customers. On her scooter, she took her to several art galleries, before a late dinner in Chinatown. They finished the night cuddling in her basement, watching their favourite movie, Amelie.


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