Modcloth Shopping – Claudia

Recently, the BSC went on a shopping spree on, and they all have great outfit ideas. Let’s see what Claudia bought.
Un-Teal Next Time Boot
Claudia was wearing a splendid turquoise-and-purple patterned dress which had a poofy skirt, with silver leggings that stopped at the knee. On her feet, she wore her Un-Teal Next Time boots, and she topped it all with some purple jewelry she made herself.

Bernadette HatPress Darling Jacket

Claudia was wearing her circus outfit. She had a similar one for her 5th birthday, and tried to recreate it as an adult. She wore her Press Darling jacket, with tuxedo-striped leggings. on her feet were knee-high patent red boots, and she wore her Bernadette red hat. Dangling from her ears were two little lions.

Fashion is Art Heel

Claudia was going for a total black and white look. She was wearing a white button-down shirt with black cuffs and collar under a polka-dot black and white vest. She was wearing black shorts over white tighs, and her Fashion is Art Heels – which she bought mostly because of the name. She had black and white striped combs in her hair, and, dangling from her ears were little Dalmatian dogs.
Linger On JacketBright Idea Dress

This day, Claudia was feeling like a rainbow. She started with her Bright Idea dress – don’t tell Kristy it’s called that, though, if you don’t want a Look! Over it, she wore her Linger On electric blue leather jacket. On her feet, she wore her bright yellow high-top sneakers, with red shoe laces on a foot, and green on the other. She let her hair down, wearing a rainbow striped headband. The best was her earrings: she wore a little cloud in each, and a sun in her third hole.

Take Me With ShoeYou're A Gem BagMidnight Coil Ring

This day, Claudia decided to wear one of her father’s striped shirt, under a maroon paisley vest. She added a pair of tweed shorts over woolen lilac tights. On her feet, purple and shiny, were her pair of Take Me With Shoes. She finished her look by putting her Midnight Coil bracelet, a pair of feather earrings, and grabbed her You’re A Gem bag.


About Poire Gourmande

History student, graphic designer, fashion blogger and YA literature addict. Likes Harry Potter, the Baby-Sitters Club and Beverly Hills 90210
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2 Responses to Modcloth Shopping – Claudia

  1. Phi says:

    I totally want that strapless dress…

    And I totally want to illustrate Claudia in both those jackets LOL!

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