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Etsy Sunday – Hermione’s Picks

Hermione Granger has chosen some gorgeous treasures to show us this week! Advertisements

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Etsy Sunday – Jessi’s Picks

This week, I asked Jessi to share with us some of her Etsy finds, and, miraculously, she found some time to do it, between two ballet classes and a sitting job. Here’s what caught her eye.

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Etsy Sunday – Dawn’s Picks

Dawn was thrilled when I asked her to share some of her favorite Etsy finds with us. She loves the website, because it’s a great way to find vegan, handmade or second-hand clothes. Let’s see what she chose for us!

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Etsy Sunday: Claudia’s Picks

Every Sunday, we will features Etsy picks from a character. Let’s start with Claudia!

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